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SoCo is Austinite slang for South Congress, a street emanating from the southerly main entrance of the Texan state capitol building, becoming "South," Congress once it passes over the Congress Avenue Bridge, under which lives one of the largest urban bat colonies in the world. SoCo is riddled with trendy thrift, jewelry and "vintage," clothing stores amidst several restaurants more famous for their people-watching interior designs than the TexMex cuisine they, for the most part, serve.

Anchored by The Continental Club, a rockabilly joint known around the Fertile Crescent for being overly cramped, short of dancefloor space, yet inexplicably magnetic in its insidiously implanted desire to commit acts of inebriated debauchery, public licentiousness and poor attempts at two-stepping, SoCo attracts more and more each year to its decadent throng, lending credence to the viability of the bumpersticker slogan found throughout South Austin, "South Austin, Secede!"
A random Austinite and his friend are talking on the phone.

Person A asks,
"Where're you headed tonight, brah?"

Person B, a recent transplant from the hills of Pennsylvania, living in the '04, thinking himself all-too-hip, answers,
"SoCo, of course! It's First Thursday. Plus, Guy Forsyth is opening up for Flametrick Subs at The Continental Club. Comin' with?"
by Basquino September 01, 2007

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