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The Squits: to have liquid poop accompanied by a burning feeling in the ring Leaving you feeling some what emotional and vulnerable for the remainder of the day
Gee coach i cant play in the game tonight on account of i got the Squits


Soz lads cant go to the pub cos iv got the squits
by Barry Pap April 29, 2003
A place or area that turns out to be or is more boring than expected
The Tramshed is fuckin Dog Shit Central
by Barry Pap April 29, 2003
The nickname given to a fat moustachioed step-farther
Look Nick mondos home
by Barry Pap April 29, 2003
The owner and sporter of a mullit or it's many variations and the term for the hair cut its self
i.e to have a Solid Snake

N.B. to be kept away from Ocelot's at all times
Jesus look at that drummers hair hes got a right Solid Snake
by Barry Pap April 29, 2003
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