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To capture of picture of one's feces with a camera phone and then proceed to send the pic to a friend (or enemy).
After lunch I took a huge dump and thought it would be a great idea to logcast my dump to Mr. Crowley. Boy, was he PO'd!
by Baron Von Shtuckle Shtickle July 02, 2006
The act of submersing your testicles in warm spaghetti sauce.
Every year Blake celebrates his birthday by making a fresh batch of red sauce and giving himself an angry italian.
by Baron Von Shtuckle Shtickle January 01, 2008
When one opts to drop their feces in a urinal vs your standard toilet.
So we were at Bar Harmony and Kevin got so drunk that he decided to go urinalogging in the bathroom.
by Baron Von Shtuckle Shtickle October 12, 2006

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