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Senor Rodarte of Placer High School.
His son being "Young Money"

Basically the most bad ass and coolest teacher/coach you'll ever meet.

Coaches Wide Receivers and Teaches Spanish. (Easiest Drills and Class)

Thinks he's bad ass, which is true.
*Senor Walks By*

Student (Most likely on the Football Team) : OH SENOR! THE MONEY MAN!

*Turns, points, and winks all in one bad ass motion*


Senor: Don't be Smoking that ROPE A DOPE!

Student: Ohhhh you know thats bad senor! hahahaha.
by Barco Perro June 02, 2009
A word that i just accidentally created that is honestly awesome.

a word that combines "yeah" and "haha" while typing on (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Emails, etc.) to make typing the letter/comment/message faster, such as: lol, haha, ya, brb, lmao, rofl, g2g, etc.
Girl : So how was your day?

Guy: Pretty good. chilled. you?

Girl: Thats Fun! haha. I did the same but i got ice cream with my parents after we went out to dinner :)

Guy: yehaha. and thats pretty sick.
by Barco Perro July 18, 2009
Slang for weed, according to Senor Rodarte.
Senor: Don't be smokin' that ROPE A DOPE!

Student: Ohhhh baby you know thats bad! hahaha.
by Barco Perro June 01, 2009

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