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Someone who participates in any or all available theatre/drama productions. To be a true drama kid, one must fit most or all of the following criteria:

-Eccentricity by the truckload
-A flair for the dramatic
-One or more signature sounds not traditionally associated with the English language (a purr, a gurgle, etc.)
-An overactive imagination
-An addiction to some substance, usually caffeine
-Many inside jokes with fellow cast members
-No sense of awkwardness (ex. no aversion to having members of the opposite sex see you undressed/help you dress)
-A sense of humor
-A knowledge of the best coffee shop within walking (or driving, if applicable) distance of the school
Sue: "Hey Bob, can you help me get these clothes off? I'm in a rush."
Bob: "Sure thing."
Sue: "Isn't it a little odd that neither of us find this remotely sexual?"
Bob: "Nah, we're drama kids. By the way, party at the coffe shop after tear down."
by BarbecueSauce February 01, 2009
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