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1 definition by Banghorse

A semi-erect penis. Usually 1/2 to 3/5 the way to being fully erect.

Also can be simplified to "Gonzo".

Variations of term:

Gonzor: The one who is causing the Gonzo Nose. Usually female.

Gonzee: The one who is getting the Gonzo Nose. Male.

Upside-Down Gonzo Nose - An overly erect penis.

Gonzette: Female who habitually causes Gonzo Noses.

For clarification, see image of the character "Gonzo" from Jim Henson's "The Muppets".
Gonzor - "Hey, you ready to bang me?"

Gonzee - "Nope, all I got is a Gonzo Nose."

Gonzor - "Well, you need to hurry and turn that Gonzo in to an Upside-Down Gonzo Nose so you can jam it in my a-hole."

Gonzee - "Okay."
by Banghorse July 28, 2009