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From LOL (Laugh Out Loud) to BRB (Be Right Back),Internet chatrooms have a language all of their own.
Here are some of the more popular ones:
Logged On Dressed Like Sailor Moon

Christ,I'm Fat.

Did You Hear The News There Might Be Giants?

Pockmarked 46 year old in bathrobe

I Have Trouble With Basic Spelling And Punctuation

Just Ejactulated On My Keyboard

Not To Bring Up Star Wars Again,But...

Taking Off My Training Bra

Can I Lock You In My Basement Forever?

Hang On,Getting More Pringles

Weeping Silently To Self.
Sk8er-D00d: LODLSM
PunkChicka: XIF
by bandanasarerad November 12, 2006
The bands MTV has taken upon itself to call emo.
These include: Taking Back Sunday,All American Rejects,Fall Out Boy,Panic! At The Disco,Dashboard Confessional,30 Seconds To Mars,My Chemical Romance and Afi.
NONE of these bands are emo but MTV is a lazy bullshit corporation that can't be bothered to be original and so chucks the word "emo" at every current guitar band,thus adding to the current emo frenzy.
Now preps are running around high schools telling everyone how emo they are and how much they love Panic! At The Disco.
And it's all thanks to MTV.
Thanks,MTV. You just seem to ruin everything don't ya?
Girl1:"Oooh,I just love Fall Out Boy. So emo!"
Girl2:"Nope,that's MTVmo."
Girl1:"Oh...what about My Chemical Romance? They're emo,they have eyeliner!"
Girl1:"Oh...well Panic! At The Disco SURELY?"
by bandanasarerad October 21, 2006
A "Queecore" punk rock/pop band. They're really great and their songs are both brave and hilarious.
Instead of preaching to people about gay rights,they make you laugh so hard you'll support anything they say.
Check out Bunnies,Smells Like Queer Spirit or Bill And Teds Homosexual Adventure.
PunkDude:"Pansy Division are my heroes!"
Jock:"What? Ewww but they're fags!"
PunkDude:"FUCK YOU!"
~Everyone proceeds to beat the jocks' ignorant ass into next week~
And that is the power of Pansy Division.
by bandanasarerad October 30, 2006
Hilarious show where five gay guys help to turn around the life of a straight guy.
Unfortunatlwy this show also reinforces stereotypes. (IE:Gay men are all camp and stylish,straight men are all incompetent and dirty)
Still, it's near damn hysterical sometimes.
Even if you do feel guilty afterwards for being a tad homophobic.
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy
One of the queer guys: So do you like blondes?
The Straight Guy: Yeah.
One of the queer guys: how about with penises?
by bandanasarerad December 15, 2006
1. Something you can shout randomly to scare/annoy people.
2. Also a great song from My Chemical Romances new album,The Black Parade. Tis good,ya?
"Dead!" I shouted during church,much to the annoyance of several hundred conservative housewives in attendance.
2. "I love Dead!" said my BFF "Hooray for using exclamation marks!"
by bandanasarerad October 24, 2006
Off-set of Christianity which brings shame to real Christians. The emos of religion if you will.
Crazy people who take the already fucked up laws of Christinaity to the extreme. They like Hell Houses,throwing holy water all over the place and George Bush. Oh,and Mel Gibson.
Jesus Freaks fear/loathe two thing: Slayer and Bill Hicks.
The Jesus Freak took her nine year old to see The Passion Of The Christ,then later that day she went to a rally to get Brokeback Mountain banned from cinemas.

Me: "Hey,why did Jesus walk on water?"
JesusFreak: "Well-"
Me:"Everyone knows, SHIT FLOATS!"
Me ~runs like hell~
by bandanasarerad October 12, 2006
Say it and see how long it takes for someone to punch you.
The world record currently stands at 12 minuites 16 seconds.
"oh em gee,I'm so scene" the girl in the Panic! At The Disco shirt squealed.
Exactly 5 minuites 2 seconds later a group of kids in Mudhoney and Black Flag shirts set upon her.
Once they were finished, the only thing left of her was her hella cute hairband.
My,how awful.
oh em gee, I'm so scene
by bandanasarerad October 25, 2006

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