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Stan is the kinda person you will not notice and when you do notice him he will change your world. He is very friendly and sometimes shy! He is always happy and will bring out all the smiles in you. He is very active and loves his bike. This kinda boy is all country and ussualy lives on a farm with a big family. He is very smart. He can out smart most people. He loves hanging out with his close friends. Even though sometimes he can be really stuburn and belives he is the one that is always right ! He is the best friend anyone could have !
Stan is amazing!
by BananaLanana February 07, 2010
Travaun is the kinda person who is always gonna be there for you. He is very kind and caring. Sometimes he can be shy but once you get to know him he is very outgoing and funny! He is also very smart and has a big heart.

When you need someone to talk to he is there and he listens and trys to make everything right. He is very understanding and rarely gets mad. He always has this big smile on his face :)
Everyone Loves Travaun!!
by BananaLanana February 07, 2010
Landon - This kinda person will sweep you off your feet.

espeaily when he knows what he wants. He is very loving and caring, Active, Outgoing and Motivated. No one stands in his way. He can be very moody and Emotional sometimes, But when you need him he there for anything! He will even travel across the world just to make sure you are ok!
Landon is someones soul mate :)
by BananaLanana February 07, 2010

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