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The movement of a girls legs rubbing together when she is extremely horny and can do nothing about it, similar to the movement of a crickets legs when they chirp.
Did you see the girl in mythology class? she was cricketing the entire class period. i wonder what she was thinking about.
by Bam 9 August 22, 2010
Another way of saying, no problem, or not my problem
hey did you hear about Jan losing his license?

yeah, i heard, no sweat off my sack though....
by Bam 9 October 09, 2010
Sitting/standing around doing nothing, bored out of your mind and looking for something to do,
- did you go out to the bar last night?

-no!!!, i sat around jerking off snailfish all night!, you bob or ken didnt call me!
by Bam 9 October 16, 2010
when a person defecates, wipes and gets up, leaves the bathroom, ends up pooing again 3 minutes later, wipes, leaves, and then is back again 3 minutes later again and again and again.

effectively stating that "once you "pop/poop" you can't stop!"

just like opening a tube of pringles
>man, i had the worst pringles poop in the history of the world today....i was in and out and in and out and in and out for well over an hour today....

> that sucks man, my pringles poops usually only last for 3 or 4 trips back.
by Bam 9 October 25, 2010
a lie made more complex by other lies entwined with it
>did you hear what Lissa was saying?

> yeah that stuff about how she killed that buffalo, saved the nuns from the fire, and then had to drop kick a pope look-a-like to save the 14 puppies from the overturned cosmetic testing vehicle?

> yeah that stuff, i don't know about you but but im thinking its a complete fibbrication
by Bam 9 October 25, 2010
receiving less then satisfactory news about a grade or evaluation score after taking a test or evaluation and thinking you did rather well up until you got the grade or score back.

another way of having your ass handed to you.
>hey Rachel, what did you get on our last criminology test?

>I got an 81%....you?

>I got an ass-o-gram..... I only scored 70%
by Bam 9 October 28, 2010
A person administering any sort of anal play.
> dude, did you get laid last night or what?

> oh totally!, she was a freak too, i had to become a mudd diver to please her!
by Bam 9 February 11, 2011

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