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Pieces of skin that appear on Don Vitos armpit areas as exposed in their trip to Europe.
Don Vito "Gimme some god damn clothes that fit Bam so I can get rid on my skin tags"
by Bam April 22, 2005
bartering usually with stolen goods
Do you accept christides card ? otherwise you'll have to wait a few days,I have a couple of 3dcards on ebay that should cover it.
by BAM February 16, 2005
Be Aware My Inker (=Bami) inker's are we, the people with no souls and bami is eating us alive.
by Bam August 15, 2003
when something or something goes wrong
im in the shit...beeaked to the max
by bam March 10, 2005
1. Of, relating to, or suggesting squashlike characteristics.
2. Seeing human characteristics in every squash you see.
1. That water tower is squashopomorphic.
2. I had to draw eyes on that squash.
by BAM July 31, 2004
n. A loose assortment of assholes for no particular reason at all v. Any sort of desplay in which it is so awesome that no other word can describe it.
Kory, Larry, and Matt are a part of Bamoran.
by BaM September 14, 2003
A slang name for an awsome person.
Sup Kurzy!
by BAM February 05, 2004

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