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The guy acting like a women in the movie Joyride who should have been killed buy the dude with a truck.
"Candycane?....Are you there Candycane?..."
by Ballwhackingasskicker July 02, 2004
The worst thing to ever happen in all of Zelda history. Now whichevert Link in the family line it is looks like a dumbass, especially when he slashes at a rock with his sword. Look at his eyes and tell me I'm not right.
P1:*salavating over his brand new copy of Wind Waker* "I can't wait to play this piece of shit!"
P2: "Me too! I heard it's so shitty that it makes us toss each other's salads (toss the salad)!
P3: "Whoa dude I can't wait for that kind of hot all-sweaty-ball-chugging-manly-action!"
P1: "Where the hell did the other ball chugger come from?"
P2: Hehe! You said "CUM"!
P1,P2,P3: *sudden unstoppable laughter*
At this point I walk in and kick all of their asses for being such dumb-fucks and not realizing that the Zelda series was just ruined for the time being because of the new ass-monkey look.
by Ballwhackingasskicker July 02, 2004

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