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Name originating from the Latin 'Jam Your Hype' Roughly translated it means 'pimp ass nigga'. To name your baby.

Superstition said that if you know a "Jamel" your are very lucky for they are caring and rare to find.

1. He/She must be Mixed.
2. He must have friends with a smaller genatalia.

3. He must possess enough swagger to hit on the midwife, when exciting his mothers vaginal crease.

4. He must make montages on most games.

If your son (or daughter for all you weirdo's out there) fulfils these requirements, he (or she) may be called Wes
Jamel is usually a clean shaven man with a tendency to get odt at the most inopportune of times. This however couples well with his love for all things 'D-Money' and his burning desire to watch ghetto movies with 'hoes'.

Jamel doesn't toast bread, he toasts toast. Jamel has featured in many Hollywood movies such as 'Dude Jam my toast', 'Jam Wally?' and 'Scooby Doo in Jamel the Mummy?'
Girl 1: Oh damnnn, look at that fly ass boy walking towards me

Girl 2: Oh no you didn't bitch, he's mineeee

Jamel : Girls, girls. There's enough of me for both of you - now kiss and make up.
by Balalv4 August 02, 2011

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