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After undergoing a Bloody Hairy, one partner is forced to bend their head down to their crotch and attempt to undue the knots with their teeth. In the process, their partner climaxes, and leaves them with pubes stuck in their teeth and a mouthful of semen or vaginal juice.
This picture of McKinsey is disguisting. Look at the pubes in her teeth, she obviously just got Sprayed Braces.
by BairyHalls March 19, 2011
The unfortunate event in which two heterosexual partners entangle their pubic hairs during missionary style sex. While attempting to undue the knots, one partner begins to bleed, creating a pleasuring lubricant. Both partners accidentally climax, and the female becomes pregnant.
"I forgot a condom last night, and I fucking came dude. We were victims of a Bloody Hairy
by BairyHalls March 19, 2011

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