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When you blast a girl in the eye and then kick her. Why this is attractive to anyone is beyond reason. Often results in being shot by the receiver.
A: Baby did you like that one eyed pirate aww yeah
B: I'll stab out your fucking kidneys
by Bainemo August 16, 2004
The city that Moses or something was born in. It's a common misconception that "Ur" is "you're" or "your", but seeing as how "Ur" sounds like some sort of android (Ur 7, for example) those people are morons.
Let's go to Ur and throw the wildest party ever!
by Bainemo October 05, 2003
How smart people say smart!
Im smreter tahn u
by Bainemo October 04, 2003
A faggoty way to say "retarded". Originated when two guys were creaming each other's throats. One of them choked, and vomited cum all over the floor. It looked like the letters "SPED". So, like the dumbasses they were, they made a term almost as stupid as them.
"I am a fucking moron. I use the term sped."
by Bainemo April 14, 2005
The cheapest, lamest character from any game ever made.
I will show you...the greatest Nightmare!
by Bainemo October 04, 2003
Our only hope for weeding out the heathens.
Oops, Bainemo made a naughty!
by Bainemo August 16, 2004
Comes from a flash made by a Japanophile for 4Chan. For some reason, he believed that "Wry" rhymes with "Bee" or "Ski", instead of "Pie" or "Why". It has become somewhat of a fad among other Japanophiles, especially the YTMND crowd.
Vrei sa pleci dar numa numa OOOOOH DUDA URADA (WRYYYYYYYYY!)
by Bainemo April 23, 2005
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