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A large county ranging from VERY rich to VERY poor. It's in close proximity to New York and has good transportation getting there which cause the taxes to be. Many feel the county is somewhat ethnically segregated in some parts. The western portion of Essex County tends to have wealthy and mainly white towns. These often include The Caldwells, Millburn, Glen Ridge,some of Upper Montclair, Short Hills, and Essex Fells, which are some of the most desirable towns in the state. Other mainly white towns that aren't as wealthy are more near the east but are considered to be still western. These towns include Nutley, Cedar Grove, and Verona which are mainly upper-middle class. On the other hand more toward the east there are towns like Irvington, East Orange, and the infamous Newark which are the least desirable towns in the state. Some towns tend to be stuck in the middle with some nice areas and some bad areas making them mixed. These include South Orange, West Orange, and Montclair. Towns that have few nice areas and are starting to go downhill include Bloomfield and Belleville.
Boy: I'm from Essex County!
Girl: So are you rich or poor?
by BahamaBlu February 02, 2007
A lower-middle-upper class town that borders wealthy Glen Ridge, average Nutley, and ugly East Orange. The town is long and most things tend to be on Broad St. The downtown is mostly avoided by locals as its somewhat rundown and has hobos and a crazy bag woman. The town is also diverse but is slowly becoming more like Newark. The South End tends to have a large Hispanic population and then African-American. The Central part of town is diverse but mainly white and the north end of town is mostly white. The town has been recently going downhill as the test scores in a majority of the schools are low, students misbehave, and more and more lower-income families are moving in.
Boy: Bloomfield, NJ is nice...
Girl: Only if you live on the Northisde..
by BahamaBlu February 02, 2007

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