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To peek over the shoulder of the person in front of you in order to catch a glimpse of cock.
1. Tom got a black eye from cock craning for too long in the gents.
2. It took Bob a while to notice that Tony was cock craning behind him.
3. No-one in the polaroid photo could work out who the thin man cock craning behind them was.
by Bagel Dave July 03, 2006
To shift or man handle cock
Tom had to cock shift most of the morning before he had made enough room in the sauna for him to have a lie down.
by Bagel Dave July 03, 2006
The expression on somebody's face when they realise that they have just been taken to brown town unknowingly.
Natalie was wearing a brown frown when she discovered that Tony had entered her with extreme stealth from behind.
by Bagel Dave July 03, 2006
1. Butt Honey (noun) : A mysterious substance that appears on and around sheets after a visit to brown town
2. A mysterious shout at a public function that commands attention but has no identifiable meaning
1. 'Baby, were you eating a Yorkie in bed last night, or did we visit brown town?'
2. 'Butt Honey! Butt Honey!! Butt Honey!!!'
'Hey, what are you shouting butt honey for?'
'Well, that's my friend up there on the podium engaging in a political debate. He's under fire for his oppinions, which are frankly outrageous, and I am distracting attention from him by shouting an incomprehensible shout that I prepared earlier at home. Excuse me. Butt honey!!!'
'Oh, I see. Do you mind if I join you?'
'Please do, by all means'
'Butt honey!!'
'Butt honey!!!'
by Bagel Dave July 04, 2006
A person who takes pleasure in smearing their face in somebody else's excretion in order to recreate a clown's smile.
'Look at that man! He's got shit on his face'
'Yes, that's a brown clown. Can you see the smile?'
'Oh yes, how charming'.
by Bagel Dave July 03, 2006
Suffix: Someone who is groomed to the extreme and ready to approach a member of the opposite sex with a cheesy chat up line or a drunken lunge.
'Hey Tony! Tony Ferrero Rocher! You wearing your aftershave tonight? Look out ladies this man is on fire'
by Bagel Dave July 04, 2006

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