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A huge conspiracy to take over The government, bring jobs back to the USA, set term limits, bring fuel prices down, make the NSA stop spying on everybody, give vets back there retirement, legalize pot, kill the two party system, make the I.R.S unable to be used as a political weapon, allow women to defend themselves, and quite taking your money. Then leave you the fuck alone.

Btdubs they Also the have a badass flag with a rattle snake on it. (Search "gadsden flag")
Typical "Donkey"/"Elephant"/"Rhino" politician: That damn teaparty! They don't believe that I should be allowed to stay in office for ever and continue to steal the American peoples money, and they have the nerve to think I shouldn't lie to them!!! Those dirty bastards, i better tell people there racist, even though they love Allen west and he's black but oh well fuck.
by Badger,Badger,Badger December 25, 2013

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