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4 definitions by Baddest- Bitch

The dumbest bitch you will ever see. She is an ugly, fat, stupid whore who is a donkey.
Omg i just saw a hilary duff sucking a man's dick.
by Baddest- Bitch April 23, 2005
94 76
When a series of males argue over who has the biggest penis, and who hurt the slut who fucked all of them the most.
Yo Eric, i had a cock fight with Danny yesterday because of Maria
by Baddest- Bitch April 23, 2005
57 44
the act of one being giving another a blow job, or sucking the life out off their crotch. A male eating a female out and a female sucking the males nasty dick.
yesterday she gave him head.
by Baddest- Bitch April 23, 2005
43 39
who is that?- her/his definitions are funny
who is lala the clown?
by Baddest- Bitch May 08, 2005
2 13