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2 definitions by BadEar

To masturbate while shitting.
She wouldn't give me a blumpkin, so I had to shitsurbate.
by BadEar November 19, 2010
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Upon his 18th birthday, the boy must endure a submission-wrestling gauntlet of 3 rounds.

The rounds go until submission or pass-out-- there are no time limits.

There is a designated 30 second break between rounds.

If the boy passes out during any of the rounds, the gauntlet-administrators must lie him on his back, lift his feet to revive him to consciousness, and profess he is 18, convincing the boy it is midnight.

Once the boy completes all three rounds, his shall no longer be called "the boy", but instead "the man".
"Dude my 18th birthday is this weekend!"

"Are you ready for the Gauntlet to Manhood?"

"Not really, I do not know the fundamentals to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and thus will get my ass beat."
by BadEar November 10, 2009
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