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A specific group of people who endure wild adventures at any given time or place. Also known to have a drastic split decision nature.
Unlike many other mammals they do not readily adapt to one ecosystem, you will find them anywhere.
Passenger: "Where does that dirt track lead to?"
Driver: "Lets find out!"
*Turns sharply onto the dirt track*
Passenger: "WILDCATS!" :D

Driver: "Did you see that car ahead make that sharp turn?"
Passenger: "Must be wildcats"
Backseat Passenger: "Damn those wildcats!"

Passenger: "Where are we going?"
Driver: "Fuck it! We're WildCats!! We go where we want!!"
#wild cats #split decisions #crazy cats #wild cat #wild people
by BadAssBrass January 11, 2011
household for three; an arrangement where a married couple and a lover of one of them live together while sharing sexual relations
Boyfriend: "Dude, my girlfriend suggested we menage a trois"
Friend: "One of her girl friends?"
Boyfriend: "Nah man, one of her guy friends!"
Friend: "Rough."
#manage a trois #house hold for three #menage a tois #three sex partners #threesome
by BadAssBrass January 11, 2011
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