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an exotic beverage that a man makes after he jerks himself stupid into a cup (the cup comes with a mini umbrella)
would you like a drink of man juice with that
by Bad Habit April 02, 2006
in typical terms its used to describe a man's fluid juice
1. you have horse custard all over your face again
2. i fucked that bitch last night and i poured horse custard all over her face
3. "whats for dinner?" " horse custard"
by Bad Habit April 02, 2006
it means where a woman rides your dick untill your head spins
i got dick piloted now im itchy
by Bad Habit April 02, 2006
when a man shoves his finger up his ass and then licks it clean

i caught that sick pervert giving himself a minkler
by Bad Habit April 02, 2006

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