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A musical group basically made up of one guy, Adam Young.
His music is considered Electronic, Dream Pop, or just plain pop. He currently has two studio albums called "Maybe I'm Dreaming" and "Ocean Eyes".

Though his music his amazing he is only known for his two songs" Rainbow Veins" and "Fireflies", Which are mainly listened to by Mainstream loving faggots.
Skater: "Ahh yeah thats some good Owl City right there."

'Trendy' Girl: "OMG i like love Owl City <3"

Skater: "Oh you listen to Owl City? What songs do you have?"

'Trendy' Girl: "Rainbow Veins and Fireflies"

Skater: "Get the fuck outta here and go watch MuchMusic you mainstream bitch."
by BackBurner December 26, 2009
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