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A wonderfull man who has a great heart, and will love you fro who you are, and not what you have. he rarely goes for a relationship. He prefers the 'flirt and conquer' method. Sometimes Mitchell's are jerks but most of the time they mean well and even though the fights can get intense, it's only because they care so much and don't want to see you get hurt or feel like you're being replaced. he isn't afraid to let you know what a dumbass you are or how much you worry him sometimes. He doesn't mind that he constantly has to remind you how much you mean to him because he knows how thick-headed you can be. He is the best friend one can ask for and will stay around for as long as you will let him, you just gotta let him in and stop building walls.

He prefers girl's hair down and major fan of rappers
"He's Such a Mitchell."
by Babydukez November 01, 2012

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