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3 definitions by Baboon's Backside

The best character in the Harry Potter series who believes in Nargles, Heliopaths and the Rumple Horned Snorkack.Harry Potter will love HER in the end. He wont love Hermione... not Ginny... NOT Draco.... But Luna. Rock on, Luna... Rock on!
"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."
by Baboon's Backside May 12, 2005
370 121
A boy with flaming red hair who is very loyal to his friend, Harry (the no good, stuck up, boy who needs to take some Viagra.)
Hermione: Woah! Is that Ron? He looks... different today."
Harry: Ummm... Hermione? Are you okay?
Hermione: *drool*
by Baboon's Backside May 12, 2005
234 191
Generally used when someone wants to express extreme joy. Nerds often use this word after watching Star Wars, hacking into a difficult database, watching "American Beauty" with out their mom catching them or when they feel like being cool.
"Sweetness! After watching Star Wars, my life is complete... I can die now.

by Baboon's Backside May 31, 2005
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