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3 definitions by Baba guy

Used to break an akward moment, or just in times of boredom. One simply yells emergency dance party and counts down from five and starts beat boxing. Everyone there starts dancing for a period of about ten-thirty seconds.
So then i whipped it out... cough...um, emergency dance party! Five, four, three, two, one!
by Baba guy February 03, 2005
762 179
Literally translates into victory unto Avatar Meher Baba. Used to greet other baba lovers and an expression of happiness and an end to prayer in India.
until the very end.... Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai
by Baba guy February 03, 2005
20 5
The term, for lack of a better one, for followers of the Indian spiritual leader Meher Baba. It is in no way derogatory, seeing as it originated among followers of baba and is used when they describe themselves.
Why'd you brin your friend from school, he's not a baba lover is he?
by Baba guy February 03, 2005
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