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1 definition by Baaaabbbbeee

A heavy drinker, 'Gin Diesel' is the type of guy who comes round to your house, drinks your cupboards dry of seagers and then goes crusing in his car looking for hookers.

Once said hooker has been located, it is more than likely the Gin Diesel will bring the hooker back to your house, brutally rape them and then leave the decomposing corpse in your bed.

Sometimes referred to as a "Social Grendade' or 'Social WMD'.
"Wheres all my Seagers gone? And why is there a fucking dead hooker in our backyard?"
"Gin Diesel came over - seemed agitated about 'babe'"
"Jesus Christ! Burn my sheets and anything he touched"
by Baaaabbbbeee April 30, 2007