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2 definitions by BWSparked

Little do citizens know, this statue regarded as a monument honoring Geroge Washington is a last resort escape pod for the president of the USA during an alien invasion.

During the year 2069, a race only known as the followers of Gorgallah will cast judgement day upon earths wet fragile surface.

Overwhelmed by fear of extermination, the president, the vice president, and a select handfew of people will be escorted to this space shuttle and escape without harm.
Secret Services: Mr. President, the followers are landing on the Eastern Coast.

President: Quickly, Get to the Washington Monument!
by BWSparked April 15, 2008
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During the release of GTAIV, the limited edition included a lock box. This box has caused many "lols" to occour.
Matt: Hey Mike, how will you protect your injured toe from being stepped on?

Mike: I might have to put it in the limited edtion GTAIV lock box. See GTAIV has cool stuff that works, unlike Halo 3 where I couldn't even wear that damn helmet.

Matt: Lockbox is cool...loxbox...lolbox.

Blake: Halo 3 > GTAIV. That damn box can't even fit the Master Chief helmet in it.

Mike: Shut up Blake, no one likes you.
by BWSparKeD April 29, 2008
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