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2 definitions by BTeam

Fabricate and promote a nick name for yourself within a group when you haven't done enough to earn it.
Carson: Man, the unbelievable crap I put out my plebe year plus the picture of that catfish bitch Tebowing last year...I hereby declare myself king of the new generation BTeam emailers!

Keiser: No so fast, tool.

Danno: You kinda make me uncomfortable. Just not kool.

Wigg: Don't self-gloss, fool. WTF?

Swany: Shut up, Big Baby.
by BTeam January 27, 2013
tondy is the hate of all things that are not love or korean, especially santa anna
tondy tower, tondy uppercut, tondy castle, ^_^
by bteam July 28, 2006