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1. A vigorous and bestial hillbilly form of intercourse where in the man enters his partner (male or female) from the rear. The position gets it’s name from the unique habit of propping one leg up presumably for purposes of leverage, on a nearby raised surface such as a pig trough or fence rail so that the testicals appear to dangle. See also, Shaka Zulu Style
“I come in the barn and there was Earl a’fuckin Jethro amongst the hay bails, and he just grins at me and asks if I want a lil Alabama crab dangle”.

“Charles had been an indifferent lover with Emma and it was left to Rudolpho to teach her the intricacies of the Alabama cab dangle beneath a canopy of beach leaves along the riding path by her home.”
Flaubert, “Madame Bovary”
by BSP March 11, 2003
1. To have intercourse in a primal and fierce manner.

2. A sexual position in which the woman is entered from the rear while
> all practical purposes standing on her head. It is often customary
to thump the woman's head on the ground during the act.

3. To use a woman sexually with out discussion and with only a rudimentary acknowledgement of consent.
"Tyrell come over to my house last night and he was crazy, he didn't say shit, just flipped me over and started hitting it Shaka Zulu style."

"finish up that meat ball bitch, I'm gonna throw bone up you Shaka Zulu Style"
Tramp to Lady, from the Film Lady and the Tramp

See also "Alabama Crab Dangle"
by BSP March 10, 2003

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