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Some retard-bitch ass who spends all their time finding cleavage shots and try to look at girls down theirs shirts.
Guy 1: Dude, i just downloaded some Sweet pics of Erica's cleavage.

Guy 2: You are such a Cleavage Hunter.


Guy 1: Dude, if u stand on the stage, turn to the right, take a half step, and jump, you can totally see mariah's cleavage

Guy 2: Fuck you, you cleavage hunter.
by BS-man February 07, 2009
Fuck Minutes are the minutes in life where you had just missed a big "minute".

This includes 4:21, 11:12, etc.
Jesus dude, i was having a horrible day and then i looked at the clock to see a Fuck Minute.

11:12 FTL
by BS-Man August 30, 2010
Someone who spends all their time on either Facebook, Myspace, or Youtube, only to come to you the next day to share the "exciting" new features or uploads.
Guy 1: Oh man, did you go on youtube yesterday?
Guy 2: Yah, for a little.
Guy 1: Holy crap man, there was like a new Viral Video that came out at 5:30, a new (insert youtube star name here) video at 8, and I found a sick new channel!
Guy 2: Jesus christ, calm down. You are such a Facespacetube Dick.
Guy 1: Dude it's like a disease. I think i'm a Facespacetube dick!
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: I was on facebook for 4 hours just realoading the page, and youtube for 5!
Guy 2: You totally are.
by BS-man November 03, 2009
The water that collects in the spot under the "bridge" of your anus and groin, much like a troll that lives under a bridge.

Only good way to dry Troll Water is to do a Troll Sweep
Guy 1: Dude, this morning, i had Troll Water worse then ever before! And I forgot to Troll Sweep!
Guy 2: Oh, you must have really gotten your pants wet!
Guy 1: Yup.
by BS-man November 02, 2009

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