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loonz: noun \lūnz\
1. (beer) Term coined after a craft beer n00b referred to a Cantillon beer as "Cantiloons" on a ratebeer thread. Soon after, the hardcore beer geeks started mocking said n00b and started calling the beer "loons" which then morphed into loonz. Usually used to hashtag Cantillon beers #loonz or #demloonz. It's rumored that a few months later the infamous n00b committed suicide by carving the word "loonz" into his wrists.
"Let's have a beer tasting on Friday, who's bringing dem loonz?"
by Brewtalizer April 06, 2015
priek: noun \ˈprik\
1. (vulg.) a contemptible person that talks incessantly about how many cherry lambics he has access to.
"Nah, don't invite John to the bottle share, he's a real priek"
by Brewtalizer April 06, 2015
Beer that tastes like water/tonic water/club soda.
Man, this corona is beer water, despite being four percent and ice cold.
by BREWTALIZER November 18, 2007
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