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A phrase denoting an imminent or currently favorable situation for the speaker. Also is used to describe a situation in baseball play, where runners are situated on SECOND and third base respectively.

NOTE: I am the author of the prior definition, which had one glaring error that needed fixing (i.e. a runner at second in lieu of first).

I felt the need to remedy my error. That is all. Godspeed, and may ducks inhabit your ponds....wherever they may be.
Guy1:This party is full of husky girls ....Ducks on the Pond!

Guy2: Eff that man...this party is full of husky dudes..Ducks on the Pond!

2 outs, bottom of the fifth inning, with ducks on the pond.

(While acing a test) DUCKS ON THE POND!
by BORN2FISHMQ2 April 13, 2013
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