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A more socially acceptable derogatory term for a male who would like to give fellatio to another man
Hey look there is Putrino. That guy is such an aggot!
by BOD October 07, 2003
Old twats that stink of stale piss and always complain that they are hard-up whilst having thousands of pounds stached away in shoeboxes all round their house, waiting for bogus inspectors to steal it and spend the bloody thing.Usually to be found hogging benches in precincts - ciggy in one hand and a Gregg's pasty in the other!
Let me on the bus first young man !
You may have been at the front of the queue but I'm old !
by Bod June 09, 2004
The name given to a person who you believe is a professional cock smoker and should be as such addressed as smoker as a mark of respect.
Hey Smoker, yeah you! Get me another bourban and coke
That guy is such a smoker
Piss off ya smoker!
by BOD August 27, 2003

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