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A game were nobody but the company taking your money wins. Often replaces one's social life.
Obese gamer: *Snort*OMFG!! I'm almost to Level 49!!! Lawlz!!!
---3 thousand miles away at Blizzard Entertainment---
Blizzard CEO: Wow! Who knew soaking in a swimming pool full of Cristal and women could be so fun! Release the World of Warcraft expansion pack, so I can afford the house of solid gold!
by BMS June 18, 2006
To flick the back of your hand very rapidly at another dudes nuts, i.e. snapping your arm, wrist, and fingers like a whip. Hurts like a bitch. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
noun: Stan was being a prick so Josh gave him a poofka. Stan collapsed in pain on the ground.

verb: Stan said "Why did you poofka me??!!?"
by BMS October 11, 2004
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