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2 definitions by BIGSKYAL

BIG AL's brother, given BY MILKIES OWNER, Van: whom ALBRO worked for an entire summer. Van never knew his name, but did know that all of AL Bro's paychecks went to pay off his bar bill.. After three months, they broke even..the the legancy of AL bro LINGERS on in BIG SKY
damn, you drank your breakfast this morning?? albro'd it, huh?

All aboard for betty ford.. ALBRO would be proud!
LETs set up the ALBRO system of payment
by BIGSKYAL January 24, 2007
an angry man who swears all the time...for no good reason what-so-ever, and for good reasons!
at a ten year old's b-day party, All that was remembered :
"LIOTTA" swore profusely after smacking his head on a low hanging door jam: "COCK SUCKER, MOtherFUCKER!"
by BIGSKYAL January 30, 2007