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1. A word u use to exclaim luck of a poor quality when it is of no importance to u.
2. A term used to piss someone off after they made an ass of themselves.
Dude 1: hey whats up
Dude 2: not much man, broke my hand today
Dude 1: hahaha UNLUCKY dickhead
Dude 2: I'd punch u in the face if i wasnt a crippled retard
by BIGROBDIZZLE May 25, 2007
A person, who at first glance appears to be hot, but however when u get a closer look, is unnatractive.

Rob:OH look at that hot bitch
BD: Is she hot
MF: Nah..looked like it at first tho
DT: ha HAG!!
by BIGROBDIZZLE May 24, 2007
an expression that you use to exclaim u have been harshly done by.
man 1: oi ur dogs dead faggot
man 2: thats very slutty indeed
man 1: i know ay, was a good dog
man 2: you want maccas?
by BIGROBDIZZLE May 25, 2007

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