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The source of all obesity in the world. The reason the United States has such a problem with being fit. They serve the absolute shittiest excuse for "food" and expect you to pay for it. "Big Mac" is their signature piece of shit on the menu, among other shit that they claim is now "healthier", but really isn't at all. Basically, if you eat there you are bound for a life of obesity and other health problems.
Guy 1: "Hey man its time for lunch; Want to go to McDonald's?"
Guy 2: "Hell no, man that place is shit. If you go there, that's pretty much suicide by junk "food".

Guy 1: "But I'm really hungry!"
Guy 2: "OK, but don't say I didn't warn you!"
(1/2 hour later guy 1 gets a call at the office saying that guy 2 died of a heart attack 3 bites into his first BIG MAC.)
by BIGRED1313 November 07, 2011

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