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Ball High School (AKA: Balls High School;BHS) is a VERY shitty school located in the dismal island of Galveston (Or, G-town as students attending BHS commonly say.) The education is deplorable. You either love BHS, or hate it. The nerds go to T-Stem, A special program that BHS says is for the smart people, but in truth, there are tons of idiots, as many as in normal Ball. The Ghetto people attend normal Ball. The dropout rate is around 20%. You can get some pretty good food at BHS. BHS is the prime place to see a wonderful fight, which typically occur around once a day, if not more. There's a rumor that UFC fighters come to train here. Most people sleep around frequently. Almost everyone has horrible taste in clothes, mostly coming from the cheap store "Rainbow". Personally, as a student, I LOVE ball high! It's great for one thing, and one thing only: the social aspect! It'd just be nice to have some form of education but otherwise, I love this school!
Ball High Tors baby <3! KIT! (Keepin' it trill)
by BHSBABY:) September 13, 2011

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