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The place where dreams come to die.
A cultural wasteland with no redeeming qualities.
The 'city' is pretty much ruled by crotchety old people who are easily annoyed. People are devoid of any form of entertainment besides movies, church, and eating themselves to death at the many resturaunts and bars, (They out number ALL other businesses). We have a college that requires religious courses to attend and a community college that just plain sucks....

The WEATHER makes front page news, for christ sake!

Nothing ever happens here.
Except birth, meth, teenage pregnancy, and death.
There are more dead people here than living.
Total living: 40, 100 Buried: 42,000 IN ONE cemetery!
We have at LEAST five.

Agree with definition #1. Worst place to live. Best place to die.
I REALLY hate myself;so I'll commit suicide. Drugs are too pricey, guns are too quick, and slitting my wrists too messy. I know! I'll just move to Quincy, Illinois!
by BHNight_Cook January 22, 2012

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