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one who engages in innappropriate actions, which can be violent, shenanaganical, illegal, harmful, harmeless, annoying, cheeky and fun, dangerous, or/ and evil
"Those damn hooligans spray painted giant dripping cocks all over the super-market."

"Those hooligans moved ten kilos of blow by force and then all six of them rode down Main Street on one bicycle."
by BEZ off in it January 29, 2008
one who engages in shenanagans
one who commits follish acts, usually knowingly, these acts are rarely very dangerous but often annoying to the shenanaganee
they can be cheeky and fun
"Look at that shenanaganizer stealing babies in the park and replacing them with fragile water balloons."
"Did some shenanaganizers steal all the outgoing mail at the post office and replace it with one subsriction order for playboy for each letter each person sent, again?"
by BEZ off in it January 29, 2008
of or relating to shenanagans
belonging to a shenanaganizer
"Class today was shenanaganical: no one had the homework, so we just made forest animals cage battle for forty minutes."

"That's a shenanaganical shovel. It was once used to fill the headmaster's entire office with dirt from the cemetary."
by BEZ off in it January 29, 2008
a victim of shenanagans, usualy an innocent bystander, but can be a friend or deserving enemy of the shenanaganizer, in surprisingly common cases the shenanaganee is in fact a former shenanaganizer
"Damn look at all the shaving cream in that shenanaganee's assshole."
"Woe, that shenanaganee exploded her own house because the shenanaganizers put so much fart gas in it that the stove light caused an explosion that killed ten thousand!"
by BEZ off in it January 29, 2008

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