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Pakistani name. Meaning is disputed but obvious to those aware.

Beautiful and ferocious. Punjabi at heart with a New York State of mind. Glowing smile. Loved by all, hated by few. Usually coupled as a three letter block -- AJK or AMD. Nicknamed, typically, as Amo.

Loud laughter and confused expressions are commonly found in most authentic Amrah's or Amo's.

Amrah's are known for long and voluptuous hair, often mistaken for extensions and also for moles on the cheeks and chin.
"OMG look at that hair! Is it fake or is it Amrah?"

"Wow! That babe is an Amrah!

"Oh teri! Yeh baal tou barey Amrah hain."
by Best May 01, 2014
A really boring an monotonous task of entering mind numbing data into an antiquated computer system. May cause constipation, seizures, or delusions of sexy JewishAmericanPrincesses.
Fuckin shit man, I got another A to Z and Rebekah is starting to look hot.
by BEST November 07, 2003
90's term to cry like a baby
by best June 12, 2003
when anal sex hurts
by best June 12, 2003

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