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A severely closeted, self-hating homosexual
There were a bunch of republicans protesting out side the adult bookstore. Funny thing, they were all on their knees.
by BC in KC July 21, 2005
A flaming homosexual who is constantly screeming about intolerance toward homosexuals while at the same time is intolerant toward anything or anyone non-homosexual
That tired old queen is such a Rainbow Nazi.
by BC in KC July 21, 2005
1. to rape and pillage with no moral convictions or remorse

2. to lie, cheat and steal

3. to completely fuck over a country
1. She wasn't just gang-raped, whe was Bushed.

2. That asshole just Bushed my car.

3. We was Bushed!
by BC in KC July 21, 2005
1. Something sad and unfortunate

2 Term used to describe unattractive men dressed as women

3. Any form of gay costume (ala Village People)
1 & 2: Why am I watching this drag show? I must be drunk.

3. Did you see James Michael working her leather drag at the bar last night? That tired old queen!
by BC in KC July 31, 2005
female masturbation during a heavy period
She ain't got not man and is on the rag. Guess she's gonna be wearing red nail polish.
by BC in KC July 21, 2005
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