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4 definitions by BBgamerUK

One of the most popular file sharing websites - until it got taken down by the FBI on the charges of "Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering", "Conspiracy to Commit Copyright Infringement", "Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering" and "Criminal Copyright Infringement".
1: Hey! Download my Minecraft texture pack on Megaupload!
2: I can't! I just get an FBI warning!
by BBgamerUK February 03, 2012
34 1
A winner game development company founded in 2000. Created some of the best games ever, including Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing and Midnight Race Club: Supercharged.
Stellar Stone's "Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing" got a 1.0 (Abysmal) score on GameSpot.com, the lowest score in GameSpot's history.

by BBgamerUK March 30, 2012
19 0
'Credits' for premium access on the popular file sharing website, Rapidshare.
30 days on RapidPro for 990 rapids.
by BBgamerUK February 03, 2012
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Acronym for 'The Black Keys', a Garage rock, blues rock, alternative rock, indie rock band.
"Lonely Boy is a great song by TBK!"
by BBgamerUK June 04, 2012
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