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1 definition by BBchica

A small beach town on the Jersey Shore between Avon-By-The-Sea, Neptune City, Netune and Ocean Grove. Its within walking distance of the popular towns of Belmar and Asbury Park.
A town with nice people great food and a bunch of unique shops on main street. Benny's can be a problem especially on holidays and weekends, but for the most part the beaches are quiet and clean. The town its self is quite diverse. Black, Mexican, Italian, Irish and Jewish.
The best and most popular eateries are Dacry's, Fins and Vics.
Oh and be careful, your bike will get stolen. And Lake Terrece Ave can be sketchy at night
Guy one: Hey, wanna go surfing in Belmar?

Guy Two: Naw, too many benny's, lets go to third ave in Bradley Beach.
by BBchica February 16, 2013