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Xanderize- derived from the great and awesome super hero of legend, Xander, that can solve all problems through his uber cute looks and lammiedoodle offerings.

1.to create peace in a time of turmoil with the use of either love or lammiedoodles.

2. to calm a person down who is uptight or mean usually through the offering of licks on the face, lammiedoodles, or other soothing methods.
Feel the power of Xander and be xanderized.
by BatGirl October 17, 2006
When you are so awesomely lazy and you cant afford a Lazy Boy, you pull up your leather ottoman tight to the couch and grab all your blankets and sprawl out and have a cuddle fest with your pals. Legs up and kick back in style.
" I cant wait to get home from my long day and be lazy and 'makeanottoman' "

"ottomaning with you is the best Bryony"

"lets watch movies and "makeanottoman" all night"

"I love to cuddle ottomaning style with Claire and Honey"
by BATGIRL November 01, 2012

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