1 definition by BASEMENT__JUNKIE

when one or more of you friends legs are on you and they kick you in the chest and your tits wack into your face and you get knocked out.
**bex and jess have just shared a bottle of WKD, they are now a bit merry - jess has a fasination with saying a sentence, they come back to beckys house where her sisters are**

bex ''yo yo nigga, get your stumps off me, dude''
jess ''OMG have i done it? no OMG have i done it? no'' *jess proceedes to kick bex in the tits*
ami ''is tits there knocked out?''
jess ''OMG have i done it? no. OMG have i done it? no''
ami ''OMG you just tit-flapped her''
chloe ''how apt!''
by BASEMENT__JUNKIE May 25, 2007

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