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atchoo (a sneeze)
said out loud during the actual sneeze.
Bless You.
by BAM July 31, 2004
kickback time
time to perfrom no useful function or work whatsoever.
Bell rang... it's k.b. time.
by BAM July 31, 2004
Small, white nuggets which form within the tonsils and, when noticed in one's mouth should be removed. Avoid squeezing them or chewing on them, as they smell quite fecal when they burst.
I coughed, and up came a cauliflower.
Don't squeeze that between your fingers... It'll smell like shit.
by BAM July 31, 2004
a place that is full of old people and hot girls. Known for its Beaches and warm summers.
person1: Florida sucks man. nothing there but old people.
person2: that only half of florida. the rest is hot girls.
by Bam June 29, 2003
extrodinarily bad. Something that doesn't perform the way it was intended
i wokked up my assignment
by Bam June 29, 2004
Some bitch ass nigga who fronts like whoa.
whyteout kills infamy with headshot
by Bam September 23, 2003
1. A luring cocksucking motherfucker in the MMORPG RuneScape.
2. Anyone known to be excessively dishonest for only minimal personal gain.
Man you wonder why your wallet's always missin? Your roommate's a real parambulator.
by Bam April 10, 2005

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