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3 definitions by BALLIN'!!!!!

A term of endearment, often used to describe something very impossibly sad. Also one of the most over used youtube GOD-LIKE videos
Erick: dude why are you so "dramatic look gopher" all of a sudden?

Jhonny: i think i have blue balls man.
by BALLIN'!!!!! April 27, 2008
Derrived from the word nigga. Its the same word just used for holiday events. Or some nasty-ass black egg-nog.
white-guy: hey nigg-nog, whats crackin'?
whiter guy: not much g-dog home-slice, FOR NIZZLE MY RIZZLE!!!!
by BALLIN'!!!!! May 03, 2008
Only the most hardcore babe in the whole planet. She will cubstomp a fool then make you muffins. breecore is a drop-dead sexah chick, with the boobs to show it.

Abe: "dude that chick took out steve with one punch."
Erick: "ya she is totally breecore."
by BALLIN'!!!!! April 28, 2008