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3 definitions by BAD COBRA

Potato sacking is much like tea bagging except that it involves a much larger set of testicles.
Chuck Norris doesn't tea bag ladies, he potato sacks them!!
by BAD COBRA April 10, 2006
76 28
When a girl wants to have a foursome with 3 guys, but she can't decide who to pleasure first. The 3 guys then proceed to stand up next to each other. The girl gets on her knees, then gives the middle man a blowjob, while she jacks off the other two. The in and out motion of her head and arms resemble a pteradactyl.
Tom: Jenny gave the pterodactyl to those 3 guys at the party!

Don: Slut.
by BAD COBRA July 20, 2006
58 19
The J Wal is the combination of a mustache ride, a cleveland steamroller, and then finishing up with a Dirty Sanchez. This is the kinkiest of all sexual acts.
Mike: "Dude, I took Janie home last night and totally gave her a J Wal!!"

Steve: "Nice!"
by BAD COBRA April 10, 2006
35 15