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Death metal is a genre of music unappreciated by the mainstreamers. Most of the members of death metal bands have day jobs with a few exceptions of the guys who have almost been at it 20 years now. These musicians do tour and as a drummer it is possible to play that fast, you just can't figure it out, because music on the radio only has one tempo per song, typically. People who are hyperactive or have undiagnosed adult ADD enjoy death metal because they can't listen to a 5 minute song with the same beat. Talented vocals by: Corpsegrinder, Steve Tucker, Glen Benton, and when he was alive, Chuck. Death metal is not all About satan. Morbid Angel's Lyrics for example Are often SUMERIAN influenced...A culture that existed 3000 years before christianity in the moder day middle east.Deicide(definition:to kill god) popularized the satanic aspect of death metal with songs like "once upon the cross", "Kill the christian" or "Satan Spawn, the caco-demon. More and more bands now use their origins in death metal to create unique and challenging philosophies. Enjoy Morbid Angel's 1998 Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, filled with verses of Bil-ur-Sag(lion head) and the anunnaki, The Ancient ones.
bil-ur-sag-li-lil-nig-hur-tul-ha-elm zalag!
by BAAL March 14, 2004
1.) A derogatory word used inplace of homosexual. 2.) One who spelunks asses, usually with their penis.
"That Bruce is one hell of an asspelunker."
by Baal September 14, 2003
This word derives from an ancient witch that infiltrates high schools and sucks dick for a living.
Damn.....I think she might be Avienn. or the Chupacabras. who knows
by Baal March 20, 2005

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